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    admin rdp shop 1 one time payment 2 each with warranty

    Admin RDP Shop #1 one time payment $2 each with warranty
    [Image: DMFk4lx.png]

    No need to pay monthly just straight one time payment

    [Image: xmoWADK.png]


    [Image: cnuAbv4.png]

    • [√] You Can Make $ Use These To do cpa or any payout offers.
    • [√] You can use these to stay hidden by using it as a Proxy/VPN
    • [√] Do you special activities with them as many are offshore
    • [√] You can host Game Servers/Websites
    • [√] You can host shells on these and use them for your booter
    • [√] Host and resell IRC Spots
    • [√] Resell user accounts on the server to other people
    • [√] You can use it for a seedbox for torrents
    • [√] Bitcoin/litecoin mining with 32 processors

    • [√] Operating System: Windows Server 2008/Server 2003/Windows Xp
    • [√] RAM: 512mb - 32 GB
    • [√] Core Processors: 1 - 32
    • [√] Hard-Drive:100gb - 2Tb

    Payment Methods
    • [√] Paypal send to [email protected] (gift only)
    • [√] payza
    • [√] Moneybookers send to [email protected]
    • [√] Perfect money send to U2988037
    • [√] bitcoins send to 1GLBXRWK4p5qtXcXZ8cKZE6juWiijexTuy

    Activation is instant.
    For Paypal PM me with your Transaction ID
    Discount for bulk buyers
    Please do not pm me asking for any specific specs or location you will be ignored
    Please do not Pm me asking for skype or other chat option you will be ignored

    [Image: iFHbA66.png]

    *Payment on paypal only accepted as gift


    You may use the automatic payment gateway: http://leafyhost.net/Ted/
    Page 3 (The above is first post of this thread)
    big boss is the registration still open for your shop
    (Today)danstein22 Wrote: big boss is the registration still open for your shop

    It does
    just place orders
    I need RDP. Netherlands or German. 4GB RAM, Windows 2008 OR 2012. Please tell me the price and give me your yahoo messenger id. Thank you
    (Today)LeafyHost Wrote:
    • [√] Bitcoin/litecoin mining with 32 processors

    How big hashrate is with 32 cpu's? 32 Mhash/s?
    Alrite..... Will PM you wit details of wat I need, nice info bro!
    l need USA RDP for shopping
    I paid money, waiting for reply.!!!
    How long u online again??? I'm waiting send VPS Admin.
    1 day still waiting, hum???
    I need a account as well

    Windows Xp - 2gb ram - 2 core - 100gb hd

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