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    cryptolocker bitlocker


    Cryptolocker encrypts all files on a user's computer and then provides instructions for decryption. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CryptoLocker

    - Encryption algoritm BlowFish 448 bit (stronger then AES).

    - 448 bit key is generated on computer and sent to C&C. Each computer generates unique key. Key is not stored on computer and is purged from RAM.

    - All C&C decryption keys are encrypted with the RSA-alg (1024 or 2048 Bit Keys). The Password used to decrypt the private key is not stored and only temporary used(conclusion: even if the server is raided or compromised the User-Passwords cannot be decrypted).

    - Locker can communicate with C&C over Tor, without losing any connections (contact support for more information - we are using a different technique).

    - Files in all locations (external media and network) are encrypted.

    - Encrypted extensions: odt, ods, odp, odm, odc, odb, doc, docx, docm, wps, xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlsb, xlk, ppt, pptx, pptm, mdb, accdb, pst, dwg, xf, dxg, wpd, rtf, wb2, mdf, dbf, psd, pdd, pdf, eps, ai, indd, cdr, jpg, jpe, dng, 3fr, arw, srf, sr2, bay, crw, cr2, dcr, kdc, erf, mef, mrwref, nrw, orf, raf, raw, rwl, rw2, r3d, ptx, pef, srw, x3f, der, cer, crt, pem, pfx, p12, p7b, p7c, c, cpp, txt, jpeg, png, gif, mp3, html, css, js, sql, mp4, flv, m3u, py, desc, con, htm, bin, wotreplay, unity3d , big, pak, rgss3a, epk , bik , slm , lbf, sav , lng ttarch2 , mpq, re4, apk, bsa , cab, ltx , forge ,asset , litemod, iwi, das , upk, bar, hkx, rofl, DayZProfile, db0, mpqge, vfs0 , mcmeta , m2, lrf , vpp_pc , ff , cfr, snx, lvl , arch00, ntl, fsh, w3x, rim ,psk , tor, vpk , iwd, kf, mlx, fpk , dazip, vtf, 001, esm , blob , dmp, layout, menu, ncf, sid, sis, ztmp, vdf, mcgame, fos, sb, itm , wmo , itm, map, wmo, sb, svg, cas, gho,iso ,rar, syncdb ,mdbackup , hkdb , hplg, hvpl, icxs, itdb, itl, mddata, sidd, sidn, bkf , qic, bkp , bc7 , bc6 ,pkpass, tax, gdb, qdf, t12,t13, ibank, sum, sie, sc2save ,d3dbsp, wmv, avi, wma, m4a, 7z, torrent, csv

    - AV software cannot decrypt files (Panda Ransomware Decrypt Tool, BitDefender Decrypt, Kaspersky).

    - Secure file erase (7 passes).

    - Message is displayed on GUI and inside of .txt files created in all folders. This message is configured on C&C, unique by country.

    - Compatible with crypters (no EOF).

    - Empty recycle bin (all drives).

    *All features can be edited by contacting support*

    Binary information:
    - Coded in C++ (WinAPI)
    - No dependencies (.net framework, java, vb6 runtimes, msvcrt100.dll)
    - No extra: files, drops, downloads, injects, .dlls. Only single binary!
    - Works: 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 (x32/x64)
    - Full unicode support for all languages (English, Russian, Chinese etc...)
    - Any account (admin, guest, user)
    - No UAC prompt
    - Size: 15kb (no compression)
    - Numerous protections added to binary (prevent crackers)
    - Startup
    - Mutex

    Information for customers:
    - Email [email protected]
    - Price of binary: $100 (8/1 customers)
    - Price of source code and manual how edit code wallet btc i give you: $1000 (1 customer)
    - You keep 100% of payments
    - Free recompiles and support
    - Bitcoin (BTC) only!

    - VPS or dedi required - we can recommend servers
    - Additional binary which decrypts files (key required)

    or i work to you affiliate in precentage %
    you get file and you be monetization together our project get 50/50%
    We setup price or 0.5 btc to mix installs or setup 1 or 3 btc to usa/europe ;)


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