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    carding drop ideas drops

    Not too keen on receiving certain items to my doorstep. Anyone have suggestions besides friends or family? I have a College/University Campus nearby. It's not too big , a few units on the campus. Because there's young people around, international students and a couple study areas, maybe I can hang around and act like I live on campus. Act like a student, hang around the study area until the postman arrives (which could be anywhere from 9-5). I can pull out my laptop or act like im using my phone but I know if the postman takes a while getting there it poses more of a risk. I think he'll get there in the morning because i don't live too far away and when I get a package delivered it's always in the morning. I just think it's not much of a risk as opposed to getting a friend to receive it. Let me know if i have shit for brains or if this can poss work. Thanks

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