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    general rules please read before you do anything

    General Rules (Please Read before you do anything)
    General Forum Rules:
    • Show respect towards forum staff and other members.
    • All threads/posts must be written in English.
    • This forum is open to all ages and nationalities (Except the FBI fuck you).
    • Do not spam or abuse any member via thread,reply or private message.
    • Do not start arguments or use abusive language via thread,reply or private message.
    • No political or religious topics unless regarding a recent world event.
    • No referral ID or links to sign up on other websites in signatures/threads or replies.
    • No links in signatures that lead to other websites.
    • You are allowed to have only 1 account here.

    Posting Rules:
    • Use search box before you post to avoid duplication. 
    • Post the source if you copied/pasted the content.
    • No discussions or posting of adult content i.e pornography
    • Posts relating to drugs, weapons and terrorism is stricly forbidden here.
    • Links that lead to surveys are not allowed.
    • No Hi-Jacking other members threads.
    • Do not reply in any scam report threads if you are not allowed.
    • You are not allowed to request +rep in your threads or via PM or anywhere else.

    You must follow all rules or appropriate action will be taken against any member who breaks them.
    thx dude, i will try my best to follow rules
    Thanks, i will follow rules
    :) nice one dude yeah try follow rules.

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