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     Bank Transfers, PayPal Skrill Hacked 

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    ukash how or to deposit money with moneypak paysafecard

    Sticky Help How to: Deposit Money with MoneyPak, Ukash or Paysafecard
    If you fully understand how the Escrow Service works (ESCROW SERVICE [5% FEE] - WHAT IS IT?), You can now pay with your preferred payment option. If you would like to deposit money via MoneyPak, Ukash or Paysafecard then this is the right place. If you want to use different payment option please go back and click on the thread that shows your payment option.

    Firstly you must agreed with the member (seller) the amount,service. Once they accept escrow the buyer must open escrow request. You must deposit the money into our Escrow accounts before you can open a thread in this section. 

    How can I pay with MoneyPak?

    If you have MoneyPak voucher then it must be in USD or EUR currency. You must contact Escrow Team and provide them the MoneyPak voucher. You may also need to provide screenshot or photo of the bank/front of MoneyPak card and must show cleary the voucher code (Mostly we do not ask for this but sometimes if we think it's stolen we may ask to avoid stolen vouchers).

    How can I pay with Ukash?

    To pay with Ukash you can use Online OR Offline purchased voucher codes. You will need to contact Escrow to use this option and provide them the Ukash voucher codes and you MUST provide scanned or photo of receipt and must show clearly date/time of purchase and the voucher code. Please note we may decline your voucher codes if we cannot redeem them as sometimes even if voucher is VALID we cannot redeem if purchased from different country. Your vouchers will not be used and will be given back to you and you will need to use a different payment option to deposit money into Escrow.

    How can I pay with Paysafecard?

    Your voucher codes must be from the UK. We cannot accept Paysafecard all the time com please message Escrow to ask if this option is AVAILABLE.

    Once payment has been sent please Private Message Escrow to confirm payment. You can request Bitcoin Wallet Address or Perfect Money Account Number by just  PM'ing escrow first before you send payment to make sure they are Online before you send. Once payment is confirmed you can then open Escrow Thread. In your Escrow thread please write the following

    • The seller you are dealing with

    • How much you sent to escrow

    • What service you are receiving

    • Confirmation of transaction

      Escrow will confirm to seller that payment is confirmed and then seller must complete their part of deal.
    I want to pay z33per using money pak. I will be getting it today. I will take pics and then what?
    I have PM'ed you the necessary details.
    I am I interest in your offer, takes you 5 credit cards in $40, I can more speak it by my box of reception.
    Hello am prepared to send money to escrow via wu. Amount 200$ for 1600$ transfer from MAYOR

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