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Full Version: Ideas For Drops
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Share your drop setup here! Or just hints/tips you have for securing an anonymous drop.

Here is my personal setup:
- Purchased Fake ID w/ FAKE NAME (This is VERY risky, it's the difference between "having a fake" and "identity theft") Be very careful not to get this taken.
- Used ID to open a mailbox at a facility 45 minutes away, based on distance and size
- Always pick up packages at least 3 days after arrival, and keep it unopened and hidden for an additional 2 days at home. By then I feel that I can safely open it.

**A good method I have found gauging if the place is good for a drop is this:**
- Go inside and ask if it is possible to get a mailbox WITHOUT an ID. They will always tell you no (if they say yes then JACKPOT)
- Then, say "Alright I will come back later with my ID, anything else I am going to need?"

I have found this is a non-suspicisious way of determining whether or not their ident. checks are strict. I have found that some places require further proof of identification, and I wouldn't mess with that.
Hey brother thanks for the info. I seen somewhere that when a package gets intercepted, Customs or the Feds place an alarm in the package and when the recipient receives and opens it, the alarm will trigger leading them to track where it ends up. I'm trying to think of a way to get an anon drop. My idea is to use the College/University Campus not too far from me. It's a small campus but still with it's fair share of students (international, local, whatevs). I can blend in and hang around the campus. There's quite a few buildings of course and some relatively small study areas that I can hang around. The postman can take allday although considering it is a small town they should be done pretty early.